Gathering Blue - Lois Lowry

  This book was nice. Kira's talent or skill isnt what i was really expecting. Usually when talents are involved with main characters, its always more like painting, singing, sports, or fighting techniques. Ive never really encountered weaving so i thought that was an original. And the thought of everything she went through, im glad shes strong. However, despite all those, there were some minor issues. Again, great story, but there could've been a little more. Such as the song's lyric, Matt's adventure, more emotions from kira, more about how she learned to weave, and more about the robe. Theres a whole lot more i wish there could've been, but i dont know. I havent even read the giver yet. I havent read the giver yet nor did i know this was related to it. It just seemed different, well based on the covers. My opinions might change if i read it. Otherwise, still, it was a nice book.